We use some of our time in Vontrapp researching in our own projects. We believe that this research will help us develop new artistic forms and expressions. Our ambition is to contriubute to the practice bassede research and hereby develops the performance art. 





Augmented Listening

International Audio drama seminar

Copenhagen University and The national school of performance art, 19. - 20. aug 2014 

In the presentation we used our production, En håndfuld støv as the departure for a discussion of sound as a staging device. The question we asked was, Is it possible to use mediated sound to transform time and space when working with site-specific drama? The question is undamental to our work in the artist collective Vontrapp, and we discussed this in an audio dramatic perspective. Read more here





Who are the audience, when they aren´t just looking? 

Article in Peripeti 18 - 2012

During the work with our performance Bevar mig vel, dramaturg Astrid Hansene Holm, wrote the article Who are the Audience, when they aren´t not just Looking? The article analyses the relationship between audience and space and how the use of headphones and 3D sound as the main communication media influence the audience perception of time and space. Read the article here (in danish)


Listening in the performative space

Department of Arts and Cultural StudiesLARM research. Copenhagen University, 29. May 2013

Astrid Hansen Holm and Sandra Boss gave an introduction to our work with the site-specific audiovisual performance Bevar mig vel. We specially talked about how the audience was stage as listeners, asking How can you think the listener as part of the act? And which influence has the media for the way we experience the performative space? Read more here





A R T I S T  C O L L E C T I V E

The Involved Audience  

Master Thesis, Dramaturgy, Aarhus University

Astrid Hansen Holm Master Thesis, The Involved Audience, took departure in our work with the audiovisual performance Bevar mig vel. In the thesis she suggests deferent ways to develop the audience’s perception in order to re-actualize the role of theatre in the modern 

mediatized society. Read the abstract here and the thesis here (thesis in danish)



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