Performers / Adam Ild Rohweder, Malte

Frid-Nielsen, Astrid Hansen Holm, Malou Louise Lindblom

Concept / Manuscript / Malou Louise Lindblom, Astrid Hansen Holm, Kathrine Lund

Staging / Kathrine Lund

Installation / Costumes / Katrine Würtz,

Ina Hjorth Jacobsen

Composer / Sandra Boss

Live music / Katrine Møllebæk, Siri Iversen

Production manager / Sarah Rysgaard

Ligth / Thomas Lindberg Jørgensen,

Amina Krohn Membar

Backstage / Amina Krohn Membar

Head of press / Jeanette Friewind, Kristina Neel

Poster / Ditte Bech Melson

Photographer / Farid Salti, Nicolai Kofod Larsen


The performance was developed in collaboration with all involved.


THANKS to Catherine Poher for dramaturgical guidance.


- an abstract horror performance about a man visiting himself


Harald is in the dream house. The dream house is Haralds home, he's just never been there...Before now. A realtor opens up the gates of the house, and everything Harald knows and believes is turned upside down. What repressed memories and secrets is Harald carrying inside him? And who is Harald?


In the illogical, imaginative and obscure world of dreams, the audience accompanies Harald on his inner journey to the shadows, the corners and the long forgotten secrets of his mind. 

Vontrapp invites the audience to experience the crooked smiles, the looming darkness and the things you don't know, in the grotesque dreamworld of Et Drømmehus.


Date of play: 11 - 20 November 2011




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