The artist collective Vontrapp is a cross-genre group composed of individuals with expertise in a varied array of subjects: dramaturgy, film, electronic music, arts and architecture. 

Vontrapp creates unique theatrical events and performances that differs in their expression from event to event, but always based on the site and the audience. Vontrapp works with site-specific theatrical concepts, making the site of the event or performance the frame and the central figure. Vontrapp's ambition is to create artistic situations 






Kathrine Lund (b. 1986) has a masters degree in dramaturgy from the university of Aarhus. She has worked on a large variety of projects within the performing arts, both in established and independent theaters. Kathrine views the theatrical event not as an autonomous "work of art" but as a process, in which all the participants - including the audience - plays a pivotal role. As a director Kathrine thus focusses on developing concepts and staging strategies that revolve around the physical presence of the audience.


Sandra Boss (b. 1984) is educated from The Danish Institute of Electronic Music at The Royal Academy of Music, Aarhus, Denmark. She is currently working on a practice-based PhD at Aarhus University where she’s investigating new listening situations through psychoacoustic and spatiality. Sandra’s work includes concerts, sound installations and performances. 

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Astrid Hansen Holm (b.1983) holds a MA in Dramaturgy, Aarhus Univserty. She is specialized in performances which incooperates the audience, and in performances using digital media. She works freelance as production dramaturge and producer. Beside her work in Vontrapp, she is part of the production collective HAUT, a newly open venue for Danish and international performance art.  Currently she works as coordinator for CPH-stage festival, which opens June10th, 2015.







A R T I S T  C O L L E C T I V E

and experiences that surrounds and engulfs the audience. Vontrapp works with audience-involvement and interactivity, though not in the sense that allows the audience direct influence on the event or performance. There is no intention of having the audience perform themselves nor will they be put centre stage - the audiences physical and spiritual presence is the core of the work. 

The artist collective Vontrapp was founded in 2014 but have been in existence since 2010 under the old name Teater MAKværk. 

Ina Hjorth Jacobsen (b. 1983) has a MA from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Schools of Architecture. Her work exist in the intersection of art, theater and architecture, and demonstrate a preoccupation with the surroundings and an interest in exploring time and space via materials and light See more on


Katrine Würtz Hansen (b.1985) graduated from the Royal Danish Art Academy, Painting School. In her practice, she works primarily with painting through different media and materials, often with a installationary impetus. See more on


Malou Louise Lindblom (b.1985) has a BA in Dramaturgy from the University of Aarhus and a MA degree in Film Studies from the University of Copenhagen. She has specialized herself in cultural critique in reference to popular culture and audience reception. Malou has worked with many different medias, including movie reviews at the Danish Broadcasting Corporation and music radio. Since 2008 she has taught young people film studies and acting.

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